Sunday, April 11, 2010

Locks of Love aka Love Padlocks

This is a romantic one... So far had not seen this lock wave spreading into Singapore yet. If not Jonas will be super rich by now.

In Rome, Florence, Pisa, Stresa & Venice, we notices that as long as there's a bridge, you are bound to find lots & lots of locks. Didn't know what's its for until we did a search on the internet. Its called the Locks of Love.

Locks of love are the padlocks fixed by loving couples, on to a fence or a pole or metallic chain/string alongside some wall etc at a public place, to symbolize their eternal love. A couple would hang a padlock after inscribing their name or initials on it and throw the key away so that their love is locked forever. Some couple use two inter-twined locks, each lock bearing their name/initials. Besides lovers, often family members and close friends also put such locks at these places, to lock their relationship forever.

In Italy the love padlock enthusiasm came first to Rome because of a romantic rite mentioned in two novels by Federico Moccia, Tre Metri sopra il Cielo (Three meters above the sky) and Ho Voglia di Te (I Desire You). Later a popular film was also made based on these romantic novels which accelerated the fad of lovelocks in Italy.

As per the story, a young man trying to win heart of a girl, tells her that there is a tradition of putting a padlock in an old bridge in Rome, and tossing the key in the river makes their love last forever. This started a new trend and couples began putting their locks onto a street lamp on Ponte Milvio. Soon there were more locks than the lamp post could handle. The authorities initially tried to stop this practice but later relented and have now placed special chains for the locks to prevent damaging the lighting pole of the bridge.

Politicians who tried to solve the problem were being accused anti-love!

Jonas, maybe we can partner to come up with some designer locks for lovers. Oversea market got demand & when the "love" spread to Singapore, we will be rich :D


Jonas said...

actually it has & i supplied,
it was in Central clark quay for d valentine's day event this year.

i sold 300pcs & the interactive installation was out along the walkway facing rivers of Clark quay!

we r working on a customized padlock next yr.

Christopher said...

Oops.. I'm outdated liao.. Maybe should go see someday.

Anonymous said...

We put our love padlock at the bridge in Las Vegas on our wedding day! And threw the keys to the fountain in the hotel. I hope they won't find our lock too soon. I guess we're the first couple who put the love padlock in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Looking for "Lovelocks"? We sell them at and we make "Lovescapes" just for them. There is one just outside the entrance to Zion Nation Park in the Zion Canyon Village. It IS the hottest new "thing to do". said...

Hello...We are Lovelocks, Inc. here in the USA. We just sent one of our Lovelocks to Singapore. Maybe to you??? We have the coolest love padlocks. The solid brass double heart shaped (lock ONE TIME ONLY there is NO key)and colored love padlocks symbolize eternal love. Share the love!