Sunday, July 27, 2008

SAR-21 on Top Five "Next Gen" Weapon

If you are a Singapore Armed Forces serviceman using the locally-designed SAR-21 assault rifle, you are holding one of the world's top five "Next-Gen" weapons.

This accolade was given to the Singapore-developed rifle by Popular Mechanics, the Authoritative American Science and Technology magazine in its latest issue. In the magazine's pick of the top five high-tech guns for the "next-generation" infantry, the Singapore weapon was named No. 3.

Being called weapons of "futuristic", they are the most innovative systems currently in development - or already in the battlefield. The SAR-21, adopted by the SAF in 1999 as a replacement for the United States made M-16 rifle. Its the only Asian weapon in the elite list. Three are made in the US and one is jointly produced by Israel and Germany.

This reflects the world-class quality of the SAR-21, which was developed by the Singapore Army, the Defence Technology Group and ST Kinetics. But don't you find it too similar to the French's STEYR AUG which they have been using for almost a decade now?

In its evaluation of the SAR-21, Popular Mechanics said that the US has repeatedly - and spectacularly failed to replace the ageing M-16, but Singapore has been using a newer and possibly better-performing assault rifle since 1999. On top of that, The SAR-21 has gained a reputation among gun experts as one of the best 'bullpup' (magazine are behind the trigger) assault rifles.

The magazine said the SAR-21 is particularly effective for urban warfare, where more compact weapons are crucial for indoor manoeuvres. It's also one of the few assault rifles in the world with an integrated laser aiming device.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. Just happened to pop by. Standard SAR21 and Standard Steyr AUG are physically similar, but both are different internally (different systems of operation). start to look at the different variants of the two, and the difference becomes obvious.